Monday, September 08, 2008

A million miles below their feet

The weekend was as delightful as I'd expected. We finally found a table for our kitchen, and our blender, rice cooker and toaster all have a new home on it. We hit up about five yard sales around Dedham on Saturday, but to no avail. We did come out with a $1 pack of Uno from 1983, though, as well as a $2 dragon kite like the one we saw in Newport, R.I. We actually got up successfully early to get to all the yard sales, which began pretty early for a Saturday morning (average opening time was 8:30 a.m.; Darren and I are notorious for waking up early with intentions on getting an early start on weekends, but we always end up lollygagging around and getting started much later than expected -- case in point: Orlando). After that, we went to the Honda dealership in Weymouth, which is the closest one that deals in motorcycle parts. Darren got a bolt for one of the farings on his bike, though he hasn't put it on yet. I guess it's not that big of a deal.

Saturday night was the onset of the remnants of Hurricane Fay over New England. We set out in the evening for Danvers, Mass., to Laser Quest for some laser tag. I drove, and it began pouring. My windshield had some oily stuff on it, so the wipers weren't doing that great a job of getting all the water off, so it was difficult to see. It was a pretty scary ride there and back, but the game of laser tag we played was pretty fun.

Yesterday, we hit up one last yard sale: a six-family sale on a part of a hilly street in Roslindale. There we found the table we'd been looking for. Darren asked if it was for sale, and the guy said he wasn't sure, but why not? We walked away with it for only $8. While Darren spent the most of the rest of the day being a lump, playing Nintendo DS and napping, I went for a rousing ride on my bike. I took an hourlong ride around Dedham and the surrounding area, starting out on Washington Street to Enneking Parkway, which abuts/runs through Stony Brook Reservation. I then rode along beautiful, pastoral High and Bridge streets to Ames Street and VFW Parkway back to High Street for the way home. It's hard to believe the beautiful countryside mixed in with suburban commercial areas here. All that, and only 15 minutes from a major metropolis! At the end of the day, Darren and I took the motorcycle just a jog away to Houghton Pond in Blue Hills Reservation, a large state park, where we took a hike around the pond and enjoyed the sunset. There's a large hill there with a trail that we want to take someday. At the top, you can see the whole metropolitan area of Boston, as well as the shores and bays around it. It reminds me so much of hiking up mountains in the Adirondacks as a kid. I think time and time again how much Mom would love living in this area; though she might feel overwhelmed by the big city, we're far enough away that its busy-ness and stress aren't much of an issue, and there are so many state parks, beautiful trails, wildlife, beaches and beautiful ocean around, all of which she absolutely loves. We keep telling my parents they're more than welcome to come visit us for a weekend or whatever, but they always decline, citing our lack of space and their lack of time. We're more than willing to let them use our bed and get a futon for ourselves, but personally, I think it just makes them uneasy to think that their daughter sleeps in the same bed as a guy she isn't married to. Still, I think it would be fun to have them over, to cook them breakfast and to show them around.

So it's back to work. I've already had some busying stuff to do, so I should probably get back to it. Back to the daily grind ...

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