Monday, October 13, 2008

Leaves are falling all around

I probably shouldn't be writing right now, but I just had to expound for a bit on the absolute beauty of fall and my love of the month of October. The weather's been in the 60s with sun and little wind, which makes for a perfect time of year for me. October's my favorite month, after all: I love anticipating Halloween and the harvesty, cozy feelings that go along with the month itself. Life with Darren couldn't be happier, and I've returned to my childhood hobby of knitting. Since I lost my all-time favorite scarf, which I'd knitted for myself as a teenager, I've wanted to make a new one. I hope I can at least enjoy it for part of the colder months, since I feel I'm starting a little late. I got a couple skeins of various blue colors, and so far the scarf looks pretty good. I intend to double it up after it's done, so I'm making it doubly wide. Since I finally learned purling, I'm doing a knit-two, purl-two pattern.

Last Saturday, Darren and I hit up the Boston Haymarket again. I think it's really helped us save a buck or two when it comes to our joint grocery account, along with eating out less or eating at cheaper establishments. There was an amazing amount of produce this past weekend, as compared to the slim pickings we found the weekend before. This time there was a bevy of seafood, including a stand where a guy stood shucking raw oysters and clams for people to just pick up and eat for free. Darren and I had an oyster and a clam each, and they were so fresh and delicious, tasting of the sea. We didn't, however, buy any fish, though it was cheap and looked relatively good. Instead, we indulged in the slightly higher-priced but good-quality produce that we needed.

Tomorrow and the day after, I meet with the producer working on the Naval Academy Museum project, for whom I'm doing research. I'll have a list of images and other artifacts USNA has on hand so we can figure out what we'll need and from where we can best obtain it. We'll also work on an ongoing request we have to obtain licensing for footage from "Master and Commander," starring Russell Crowe.

I can't believe the general election is only three weeks away. The latest poll has Obama ahead by about 10 percentage points, which gives me hope that he has a real chance of winning. It almost struck me by surprise; I don't think I've really thought about just how monumental an election this is and how amazing it would be to have an Obama presidency. I imagined all the hope it must give many black Americans and other minority groups in this country. It gave me hope as well, even though I identify as white. Though at one time Italian-Americans weren't considered white in this country, we seem to have fully integrated ourselves into society. The racial slurs lobbed at us in my grandmother's day no longer have much meaning, and many people my age from Italian descent don't speak a word of Italian (I'm sad to say I'm one of them), nor are they familiar with the slurs themselves or the severity they once carried. Still, it always surprises me to hear about someone in this day and age being named the "first Italian-American official" to hold a certain governmental post or to serve as a member of a committee or what have you. The first person who comes to mind for me is Justice Antonin Scalia, the first Italian-American on the Supreme Court. Though Italian-Americans seem to have assimilated seamlessly into this country's society, it still seems to be a distinct, monumental occasion when one of us assumes a higher-ranking position.

I guess I just fully realized for the first time that an Obama administration is entirely possible. Back in the primaries, the general election seemed so far away, so the reality of this historic and amazing possibility didn't really solidify in my mind. Today, it became an exciting, invigorating concept, and it gives me hope for the future of this country and this society.

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At 10:08 AM , Anonymous Elyse said...

Sounds like you're having a great time in Massachusetts! Glad to hear that you're enjoying New England and fall as much as I am. My scarf is going to be a cranberry/reddish color. Hope to see you at our Halloween party! :-)


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