Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring, a time for new beginnings

He's signed the offer letter and faxed it in. Following a drug test tomorrow (which I'm positive will be clean ...), Darren will once again be employed, making more than at the company that laid him off and doing a job that he'll enjoy doing and will further his career. He even gets to start on June 1, which means he doesn't have to take any vacation days for our trip to Los Angeles around Memorial Day weekend, and he can continue to enjoy the benefits of severance pay. I'm so happy for him and am glad he found work at such an esteemed place.

The only thing is it's way up in Tewksbury, about an hourlong drive north of Dedham. Neither of us really wants to move, but I'm pretty sure Darren will get sick of the commute before long, and we'll start thinking about relocating somewhere between our two places of employment and still staying close to Boston. We were discussing possibly buying a house (it's a buyer's market!), but may hold off if money becomes an issue ...

Shout-out to my friend and former Standard-Times coworker Don, who has been working as a temp at a medical company in Dedham, just down the street from Darren and me! I hope he can secure a full-time gig there eventually. The other day, I was driving with Darren to our gym and passed by the building and saw a very familiar person walking across the street. "That must be my friend Don!" I told Darren. My instincts proved me right. It's hard to believe it's been almost two years since I worked at the New Bedford paper. That summer, with its excitement, new friends, sun-soaked beaches, and crazy Providence nights -- not to mention meeting Darren at the very tail end of it -- was one of the most memorable of my life. I find I count my memories in summers, and that was one of the best so far.

Of course, last summer, my first full summer with Darren and our first summer living together, was also memorable, but still too fresh in my mind to be something I pine and yearn for like that Standard-Times summer. Perhaps in another year, after this upcoming and surely equally excitement-filled summer ...


At 11:17 AM , Blogger Don M.F.H. said...

Aw, thanks! You, Darren and I should grab a meal after work some night while you're still living in Dedham and catch up on things!


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