Thursday, July 02, 2009

The rain falls down and covers all of us in silver light

The above title, taken from a little-known Dave Matthews song titled "Cigarette Lit" (it was cut from his solo effort, "Some Devil" [2003], and leaked on the Web), may imply there's something positive to all the rain we've been getting here in New England, and to some, that may be true. I, conversely, have had just about enough of waking up to rain and falling asleep to thunder and lightning. This morning, it seemed like night hadn't ended; it was very dark, and soon lightning flashed through the sky, rain pouring down as I drove to work. We've hardly seen a ray of sunshine the entire month of June, and the outlook for July isn't much better. And then there's August, when I've heard hurricanes will ravage their way along the coastline ...

At least thoughts of Darren's and my trip to Old Orchard Beach early tomorrow until Sunday somewhat ease my frustrations ... except I'm sure we'll get unpleasant weather there, too. Still, I hope it holds out long enough for us to be able to enjoy the two amusement parks and walk along the boardwalk and possibly do a little shopping. I can't wait to try organic green-tea noodles with "soy filet" (whatever that is) and vegetables in a miso broth at the Green Elephant vegetarian/vegan restaurant nearby. Our hotel, the Rodeway Inn in South Portland, even has a coffeemaker in the room, so I won't be wont for some caffeinated refreshment in the morning before we head out to see the sights.

I must admit, I'm getting kind of intimidated about posting now, as I've gotten some praise from admirers of this blog, bless them. It remains a mystery to me as to how they even found it, but I'm grateful nonetheless that they regularly read and get some sort of pleasure from its contents; however, that makes it harder now for me to write, since I feel obligated to make each post more delectably enjoyable and poetically verbose than the last! Forgive me, dear readers, if I ever let you down along the way!

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