Monday, September 28, 2009

Waiting for October

I probably title a post at least once a year with this subject line, the title of one of my favorite songs by Polaris, the Mark Mulcahy band that played the opening song to "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," which ran on Nickelodeon in the '90s. Anyone who can attest to having seen that show knows the song and remembers the opening theme montage, with the band playing on the Wrigleys' front lawn.

Anyway, Polaris was only a side project for Mulcahy. His real band, Miracle Legion, hardly reached the fame that Polaris probably did, largely because of "Pete & Pete." I happened upon the only Polaris album ever produced, "Music from 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete,'" while in high school and instantly fell in love with it. I can only assume that all of the songs, as indicated by the album's title, are featured at one point or another in the television series, which ran for three seasons (35 episodes and a couple specials). As a side note, I bought Miracle Legion's "Drenched," and though its sound is a lot like Polaris (mostly because of Mulcahy's unique and distinct voice and musical style), it didn't impress me as much as "Music from 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete.'" For any "Pete & Pete" fans -- or even just plain old-school Nickelodeon fans -- this album is a must-listen, if only for the great music.

It's this third track on the "Pete & Pete" soundtrack that I'd have to say is my favorite. It's hard to describe exactly the feelings it evokes in me, but perhaps that's its biggest appeal. It's better to just leave it be and take it as it is than try to put a label on it.
They're playing in Central Park.
Check out him; he's shouting at the gate,
"Billy didn't tell you everything,
or did he mention the magic day?"

Well, I figured it out from a fig tree.
It's the chosen few all together in silk.
Now you've been bad for 50 years,
and now it looks like daddy's taking off his belt.

Waiting for October,
I cross my fingers, cross my heart and hope to die.
Waiting for October,
I'm in the book, and I'll be learning how to fly.

He's coming down, but he's not alone.
He's gonna bring an army of saints.
He's taking all his bags home
and then destroying what remains.

Waiting for October,
I cross my fingers, cross my heart and hope to die.
Waiting for October,
I'm in the book and I'll be learning to be wings.

Hoping that the end
will start it all again.

And that's when numeral history will die.
I said that's what was so right about the day.
'Cause it all ends in 1999
and commences on the 28th ...
- Polaris, "Waiting for October"
It was a rather uneventful weekend. We had plans to go biking in the woods with Igor but ended up going by ourselves. We wanted to go somewhere new, so we settled on Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, Mass. It's a web of trails for walking, biking, running and horseback riding. The scenery was beautiful, and we were surprised to see that leaves already blanketed the forest floor. It was hard, though, to enjoy the beauty around us, as we were going by it too quickly on our bikes. It was nice to get to use my mountain bike for what it's really built for -- biking in rough, hilly terrain, even though the trails themselves were mostly paved. I was happy to see so many trails available, so we can have some to come back and explore later, but the paths were so poorly marked, we had to stop every couple of minutes to pull out our map and see if we were on the right track. Good thing we had the map, too -- otherwise, we would have gone horribly lost for sure. Though fun to bike on (and we saw lots of fellow bikers as well), I'd say these trails are much better off for hikers, especially considering the beautiful scenery you don't want to miss and the difficulty navigating the many trails at faster speeds.

I've begun knitting again in full force. I'm already a quarter of the way through something I'm making for a Christmas gift. Darren and I went to A.C. Moore on Saturday to pick out some lovely yarn. Once I pick knitting up again -- and it seems to be a seasonal thing -- I always pick it up in earnest; once I start, I can't stop until the weather's warm again. That's one sure sign of fall, if anything.

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At 4:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new posting, how delightful! Your mountain biking adventure sounds beautiful--I am quite jealous that I have not been able to enjoy the glories of this New England autumn. Being out of doors is certainly a gift from God, and after all, we must partake of the beautiful weather before we all become snowed in during the long, treacherous winter months.

With regard to this other commentator--it sounds like you certainly have an admirer, Miss Petty! Your bloggery seems to be catching on, and rightly so! I hope for more poetry to come.

At 5:14 PM , Anonymous Serge said...

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