Tuesday, September 01, 2009

You can never see yourself ringing all around it

Well, what an August it's been! My apologies once more for lagging in my updates. It's just that we've been running around, doing fun things and experiencing all this wonderful summer has had to offer.

First, my fourth host family from Germany took a trip along the East Coast, their first time in the United States. At the time they originally made their plans, they didn't know I lived in Boston, so when they sent me an e-mail letting me know about the upcoming trip and asking if it would be possible to meet up, I told them I was in Boston, and they altered their plans to spend a weekend touring Beantown with Darren and me. They were flying in on a Friday, and we were planning to pick them up at the airport, but unfortunately, their flight was delayed, and then a lot of planes (including theirs) were being diverted from Logan Airport to Albany, N.Y., where my family's plane landed briefly to refuel. This whole time, my poor family was still in the plane, waiting. After a couple more hours, their flight was canceled completely, and the airline would be providing a shuttle bus from Albany to Boston. At this point, Darren and I had been waiting at the airport (I left work early to go get them) for about five hours, using up meter time for both our cars in the (expensive) parking lot. My host family and I had been communicating the whole time via cell phone, so they called one last time to say it wouldn't be worth it for us to wait any longer and that they'd call us in the morning and we'd meet up then.

So that Saturday we spent walking all around Boston, seeing sights, visiting churches, shopping at Copley Plaza, viewing the beauty of the city from high atop the Prudential building, enjoying cakes, gelato and coffee at Mike's Pastry, and ending the night with dinner at Union Oyster House. It was so wonderful to see my beloved family again -- it had been about three years since the last time I was in Germany and stayed with them for two weeks -- so there was a lot to talk about (both in German and English!), and it was amazing how much the kids, now 16 and 14, have grown since I first met them six years ago.

August has also been filled with little excursions around Massachusetts: biking the entire 10-mile-long Minuteman Trail from Arlington to Bedford, attending cookouts at the house of one of Darren's coworkers, parties with my old Syracuse friends-turned fellow Bostonians, and riding on Darren's motorcycle. On the work front, I've been especially busy now with transitioning from my job at the front desk to a new position as associate producer. I received a promotion, and about a month later, we hired someone to replace me at the front desk. I moved yesterday to my new cubicle near the back of the office with the rest of the producers. I'm so excited for my new job and the responsibilities with which I've been entrusted. It's a lot of work keeping on top of things, but it's work I've grown used to even at the front desk, only now I won't be doing all the administrative stuff that goes along with it. I've been busily training our new girl, and she's really nice and seems like a pretty quick learner. I'm really glad the higher-ups chose someone who so far seems really qualified to take the reins and do all the tasks of an office coordinator.

The air already begins to smell like autumn. It's a very distinct smell, one I've become quite in tune to over the years. Like most scents, it's hard to describe exactly what makes it different from, say, the smell of summer or the smell of spring, but it's a distinct scent nonetheless, at least to my nostrils. After a week or so of excruciatingly hot weather, the climate has dipped to the mid-70s during the day, but true to fall's nature, the mornings are chilly. It seems the transition from summer to fall is coming rather quickly, without leaving any pause for consideration of how great a summer it was and skipping straight on to the next big thing. I relish the feelings and events associated with fall, but I wish there could be at least a tiny shred of summer left to hold on to, just for a little bit longer.

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At 6:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your posting makes me yearn for the good old days of school supplies and back to school shopping, with the beautiful autumn breeze accompanying any and all outdoor excursions. Sadly, I fear we may see summer descend quickly into a harsh winter, without the glorious colours of autumns past. Bless you and Darrin this fall--may these next few months deliver everything your hearts desire.


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