Monday, December 21, 2009

I wanna relive all my adolescent dreams

It's back for a short work week after a long snowstorm that blanketed Boston with about eight inches of snow. I was invited to a holiday party at Elyse and Mike's in Somerville, but unfortunately, the weather report scared me away. It didn't actually start really coming down until much later Saturday evening, but better safe than sorry, I suppose. Still, I really would have loved to be there! Darren and I had a little party of our own; we hunkered down in our little townhouse, played "Uno" and watched the last two episodes of this season of "Dexter." I also got to finish my gift for the company Yankee swap, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 4. It looks great and especially comfy and warm. I hope whoever gets it really likes it!

I've created a playlist in iTunes of four Christmas albums to bring to Herkimer when Darren and I head over on Wednesday evening for four days of celebration. It combines some classic stuff from Christmases past, as well as less -familiar tunes:
Alvin & the Chipmunks — "Christmas with the Chipmunks"
Frank Sinatra — "The Christmas Collection"
"O' Holy Night" (collection of instrumental Christmas songs)
Amy Grant — "The Christmas Album"
I might throw in Mariah Carey's Christmas album just for kicks — it's Darren's favorite.

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At 11:45 AM , Anonymous panda-archie said...

What did you make for the Yankee swap? Did you knit something? I absolutely love knitting by the fireplace on these frigid days. I sometimes wonder how our ancestors survived without central heat! hehe.

Thanks for the post.

Seasons blessings!

At 4:39 PM , Blogger Liz said...

I did indeed knit something: a scarf. We don't have a fireplace in my house, but I knit in front of the TV next to our little Christmas tree, or in front of my computer watching something. It's a good way to keep my hands occupied while watching my favorite shows!

At 3:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm so happy to see more postings here! Christmas is just around the corner and you have brought even more joy into my heart.

I am so sorry for not catching up sooner--we had a bit of a catastrophe at Thanksgiving (which I won't go into here!), and it sounds like you can relate, what with your birthday activities. I'm so sorry that your family was "out of hand" on your birthday. It's sad that people get so caught up in their own problems and don't respect the needs or wishes of those they love most in this world, especially on such a special day.

I do hope that your Christmas holidays will not be nearly as hectic. After all, this is the season for celebrating the birth of our Lord And Savior--not for bringing stress into the lives of those closest to us.

And my goodness, another knitter! I have a knitting group with some ladies I know at church, and we get together to practice our craft. I must confess--sometimes I even share your blog postings with them! Sadly I have not been able to knit as much as I would like this season, but giving my family and friends homemade gifts brings me an incredible amount of joy--I'm sure you can relate!

Well this is getting long, and I do apologize, I was just so happy to see another posting. I hope that you will blog more in the coming year, for it brightens my day immensely.

I wish you and yours the very best this holiday season. As always Liz, God Bless!

At 10:04 AM , Blogger Don M.F.H. said...

No "Charlie Brown Christmas?" Blasphemy! ;-)


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