Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good to know it's all a game — disappointment has a name

It's been a month or more since I last wrote, mostly due to factors I don't care to discuss. This is my attempt to face my fears and myself and move on from there in the hopes of becoming a better, more mindful person.

I'm pleased and proud to report I did my state and federal tax returns (thank you, TurboTax!) and filed them more than two months before the April 15 due date. I got a healthy sum back from the government and used it toward Darren's and my purchase of a new mattress. We've had our old one — a generic knock-off from Bob's Furniture Outlet — for almost two years now, and after only a year it began to develop major depressions deep enough to be uncomfortable and cause back pain, yet not deep enough to be covered under warranty. Don't get me wrong: Bob's does have some great, rock-bottom prices on furniture, and we're quite pleased with the bedroom set we bought there, but they fall pretty short on quality, long-lasting mattresses.

For our new mattress, we settled on Sleepy's. With more than 7,000 locations, it's quite the mattress giant (behemoth is more like it), but they really came through with the offerings in their Presidents' Day sale. We decided a Tempur-Pedic would be the best for alleviating back pain, and its 20-year warranty is next to none. We've heard and read scads of good reviews from the Internet and through friends — it's pretty difficult to find any bad reviews of these mattresses anywhere — but when we tried out the model we'd been looking at, the Advantage, we found it quite hard and difficult to settle into. Not exactly the picture of comfort you see on those Tempur-Pedic ads. But then we found the Cloud Supreme, which is covered with an extra layer of Tempur-Pedic cushioning, which we settled right into in dreamy comfort. We immediately both knew this was the mattress for us. Though a bit out of our original price range, we bought it with the thinking that it would last at least 20 years and would be comfortable and could quite possibly pay for itself over time. We were giddy as schoolchildren after we paid for it and drove home knowing in a few days we'd be sleeping on a comfortable new Tempur-Pedic.

But that wasn't all. The Sleepy's Presidents' Day sale came with tons of other offers and freebies. Tempur-Pedic sets its own prices, and distributors caught selling Tempur-Pedic mattresses for anything other than the Tempur-Pedic-set price are forbidden to carry the Tempur-Pedic brand theretofore. Therefore, for us it came down to which mattress company offered the better incentives. Sleepy's was by and large the winner. We got free delivery, free removal of our old mattress, a free iPod clock radio, a mattress liner/protector, two Tempur-Pedic pillows and a Tempur-Pedic bear all for free. We really made out well with this purchase, I think.

In weather news, the temperatures have been above freezing, so there hasn't been much snow accumulation, barring a couple brief storms, including the one that was hailed by forecasters across New England as the "storm of the century" similar to the ones that buried Washington, D.C., but only dusted us with less than two inches of snow. The snow's pretty much all melted by now, which delights me in ways you may have difficulty imagining. It's been pretty sunny for the past week, and last Sunday, Darren and I tried walking/jogging around the Dedham High School track, but it was too cold and windy, so we briefly went to our gym just down the street instead. Now, the skies are cloudy with intermittent drops of rain, which is kind of dismal and depressing, but at least there's no snow/ice!