Friday, March 05, 2010

I miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world

After receiving our new Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme, we discovered — much to our shock and dismay — that the slats in our bedframe were horribly curved, and some were cracked and disheveled. Many of the legs holding up the slats didn't even properly touch the floor! There was no way we could keep the slats and have our Tempur-Pedic warranty be valid. So Darren put his carpentry cap on and went to Lowe's to get some nice, medium-grade wood and a bunch of supplies and tools (including a handsaw, probably one of the last things he needs to complete his toolset, which I'm sure will actually never be complete) to build a new platform. The "slats" he got weren't really slats, because they're much thicker in width. He even got some wood cut to make legs and got some other items to make studs to go in the legs. He devised a plan — a very clever one, I might add — to put varying numbers of washers in the legs, so he could vary their length based on where they would fit under the platform, since our floor is so obviously uneven, as evidenced by the legs from the old slats.

It took him all of last weekend — including the Friday he had off from work — to finish the platform. For one night, we had to sleep with the mattress just on the floor amid a pile of sawdust, wood and tools, but it was so great to see the finished product on Sunday afternoon. We documented this little "adventure" by taking a few pictures. I'm especially proud of Darren's work, because the new platform really came out great, and I'm glad I got to help, too. It feels especially sturdy, and it might even help to further reposition our backs to their proper alignment. I think I've adopted pretty poor posture sitting at work all day, and I've been getting backaches, so I really hope this will help.

This past week, in my spare time I've been scrounging around Craigslist and other sites looking for freelance work as a typist/transcriber. I've gotten a couple responses from places where I've applied, and I might have a gig transcribing one guy's audio journals. I really hope it works out — it sounds like a really interesting job! I figure it's a nice way to do something from home that I enjoy (which appears strange to lots of people, who absolutely loathe transcribing!) while making a little extra money on the side.

It's FRIDAY! It's supposed to be a really nice weekend, and warm, so I think we'll do some shopping and maybe something outdoorsy like jogging, playing tennis or getting our bikes out for the first time this year. It looks like spring is finally around the corner! I can't wait until it's finally here!

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