Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Well, I figured it out from a fig tree

Wow, I can't believe it's been all summer since I last wrote. These things sure have a tendency to sneak up on you. Time, seasons, holidays, birthdays and sunny days all seem to come and go with the snap of one's fingers.

Like fall. It must have been the two weeks I spent on a film shoot (my first big one) in Indiana for work in September that made me feel like half of my favorite season was already over by the time I got back. All of a sudden, September was gone and October was upon me, in all its chillier and rainier glory. Still, I love the feelings, the smells of fall, the changing colors and falling leaves, the preparing for the colder months ahead, the harvests and apple-picking and festivals. But, that feeling eludes me this year, probably because the hot, sunny, summer-like days spent in Indiana were an extension of sorts of summer for me.

And here we are now in the early days of October, autumn in full swing, and yet I find it difficult to dredge up those bittersweetly nostalgic feelings from the past that I seem to happily resurrect each year and that provide me such comfort into the winter months. It's a bit frustrating, but can you blame me, with all the other things — more tightly bound here, to the present — on my mind? Each day I seem to get more responsibility at work, which is much welcomed, and then there are the more domestic responsibilities and our everyday routine to care for and adhere to.

The one thing that hasn't escaped me this fall is that, as in previous years, I've once again brought out my knitting bag and taken up the needles. This time I'm working on another poncho. I had gotten two skeins of decent green yarn from Ocean State Job Lot, and then I had a skein of violet yarn laying around, so those are the colors that will go into my latest creation. It's a wonderful hobby to keep my hands busy and a great excuse to catch up on missed TV episodes.

Other than that, I put my foot down and booked Darren's and my flights for Tennessee early. We were too late last year and therefore didn't get to see his sister and her family at all (we were planning on going for Thanksgiving), so this year we'll be spending an extended Christmas vacation with them and celebrating Turkey Day with my family. I'm so excited to see the kids and Darren's hometown friends. It might be nice to escape the bitter cold for a while as well!

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